Best In Dorset Special Events

For the best service in event management look no further than Best In Dorset Special Events.

When choosing an event provider you are looking for a company with a solid dependable track record. A provider that can advise, guide and deliver your event with the minimum of fuss at a fair price.

From initial consultation we will tell you the pros and cons of each available option to ensure that your event matches your expectations.

Best In Dorset Special Events manage events from a thousand or so footfall right up to major events of over 100,000 footfall per day.

We are wide based in that we provide events for private individuals, clubs, charities, Local authorities and community associations.

We are self sufficient in that we have our own power generation, marquees, catering facilities and much more. 

If you are considering an event or have started planning an event and need assistance, contact us and experience our calm professional service.